InDesign Tips

InDesign Tip: Text Wrap Preferences

One of the best things about working with InDesign is the flexibility that it offers for customizing how the application will behave. Preferences are a great way of managing and maintaining various settings in the application for all documents or ...


InDesign Tip: The XML Tags Panel

InDesign’s XML feature makes it easy to export content out of or import content into an InDesign layout. This ability eases the process of reusing content, whether print content is being repurposed for digital use or digital content is being ...


InDesign Tip: Template Best Practices

InDesign templates are the cornerstone of most publishing environments today. Having some basic settings in place in your templates sets the stage for effective, efficient file management, integrated workflows, and content export. When building InDesign templates, Technology for Publishing recommends ...


Top 10 Best Tips for InDesign Users

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the InDesign waters or you’ve been using it for several years, you know there’s always something more to learn. In my role, I have the unique opportunity to support and guide all levels ...


InDesign Tip: Using Primary Text Frames

Working with and applying master pages to layouts with a primary text flow has become less labor-intensive with the introduction of the primary text frame. Here are some suggestions for using this feature to your best advantage. The Master Text Frame ...


InDesign CS6 Tip: Custom Style Mapping

With InDesign CS6, users now have the ability to easily copy, paste, and create links between objects when repurposing content for alternate layouts within a document or in different documents. A significant new feature that’s included is style mapping. Similar to ...


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