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INFOGRAPHIC: What Men Wear in Wearables

What are you wearing? No longer considered nerd gear, wearable tech is big among fitness-minded users for tracking and customizing health and training information and goals. But fashion still counts—and that’s true for men as well as women, according to this week’s infographic, based on a ...



Why use hashtags? And where do they work best? This week’s infographic pick from SurePayroll addresses those questions and offers some best practices for successful hashtag campaigns. As you likely know, hashtags are an easy way to find and follow conversations and track promotions ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Test Your Generational IQ

While the content business has been focused on millennial audiences for some time now, figuring out what motivates the emerging Generation Z demographic is key, as it represents the “future of consumer behavior,” says Jamie Gutfreund, chief marketing officer at Deep Focus, maker ...


INFOGRAPHIC: How to Survive Mobilegeddon

This week we bring you a timely infographic from Nine Hertz, posted by Search Engine Land, that details what you need to know about Google’s big April 21 update that, among other things, will reward sites that are mobile-friendly. What’s at stake? ...


INFOGRAPHIC: A Look Ahead in Social Media

While social has without question become key to content strategies across the media and advertising industries, both its impact and future remain hard to pin down. Here’s an infographic from CJG Digital Marketing, posted on Business 2 Community, that provides not only an overview of social ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Digital’s Impact on Local Ad Spending

While traditional print and broadcast media still accounted for two-thirds of all advertising buys in 2014, almost all growth in local ads has been online, with a 40% increase in 2014 and a projected growth rate of 42% this year. That’s according to research highlighted in this week’s ...


INFOGRAPHIC: How to Create Strong Visual Content

With 2,460,000 pieces of visual content shared every minute, how do you make yours stand out? This week’s infographic, brought to you by Market Domination Media and HubSpot, provides some helpful pointers, outlining the keys to strong visual content along with the steps to take when creating ...


INFOGRAPHIC: What Is the Deep Web?

What exactly is the Deep Web? How is it accessed? Who accesses it, and what for? Those are some of the questions this week’s infographic pick from WhoIsHostingThis addresses, with a look at the anonymity of the “invisible web” and how that supports a wide ...


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