5 Steps for Incorporating Change Management

Publishers are dealing with extraordinary challenges as they try to shift content business strategies while reshaping the inner behaviors and DNA of their operations to support new goals. Refreshing one’s thinking about change management and how it can best support ...


My 5 Favorite Fonts for Gorgeous Numerals

When choosing type, details count. If your content gives you the opportunity to highlight numbers in lists, headlines, or infographics, look for fonts that will display those numbers beautifully. Here are my five current favorites: 1. Archer is a playful ...


My Top 5 iPad Apps for Designers on the Go

Paper by FiftyThree There are a bazillion drawing apps out there. My Holy Grail wish list includes fast access, intuitive tools, and the ability to capture handwritten notes as well as sketches. Paper by FiftyThree provides all that and casually tosses in a ...


What Are Other Publishers Doing?

One of the most common questions we get in our consulting work is, “Well, what are other publishers doing?” That question often arises because most of us are busy with the daily tasks of trying to get published content out ...


Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Update

The product updates Adobe announced today represent what it has called “a major milestone release” that includes hundreds of new features along with the following major enhancements: New versions of all 14 Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications, integrated with cloud ...


Jumping Into App Design

One of the best ways to learn how to engage readers with in-app interactivity is to experience as many magazine apps as you can. When you find yourself immersed in a magazine’s content, step back and take note of what grabbed ...


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