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Technology for Publishing’s time-tested consulting approach combines a deep knowledge of current publishing trends with a well-practiced model for finding the best solutions for clients who are struggling to find efficiencies in process, content, and technology.

The unique methodology employed at Technology for Publishing is based upon years of experience serving publishers of many types, sizes, and requirements. We provide consulting services at the tactical and strategic level, depending upon your area of need.

We help to clarify project scope, objectives, and concerns at all tiers in your organization, and are able to determine the best resources and approaches required for successful change initiatives.

In addition to specifically targeted consulting projects, TFP works strategically with a small number of select clients each year, partnering with them in a more focused, daily approach to transform their content operations to align with future business objectives. If you are interested in being added to our list for consideration, please contact us.

Priority Strategic Consulting

Technology for Publishing works with a few key, strategic-level clients each year that are aiming for a bigger vision and greater impact in their projects and changes. This often entails large change management initiatives, major process and workflow reinvention, and/or aggressive technical implementation strategies.

Priority Strategic Consulting clients get VIP treatment when it comes to time and attention.

Content Objectives & Requirements

Building a content objectives roadmap helps to set the requirements and priorities for defining effective, efficient content processes. Using a time-tested method, we work with your key stakeholders to build consensus on important strategies, utilizing this input to drive change management, process improvements and technical innovations.

TFP helps you take the wheel in driving your content success, with measurable results.

Publishing Workflow Analysis

When Technology for Publishing works with you to analyze workflow, we facilitate a manageable approach to evaluating and clarifying your process. We begin by exploring and understanding current processes and challenges, allowing your teams to express known issues and change request, while we provide insight into where changes can help.

We help you create efficient workflows
that are built to last.

Content Workflow Refresh

We all know the publishing world is in constant change, and in order to maintain effective content workflows, processes need to change to keep up with the times. TFP’s Workflow Refresh sessions help review what’s working, what’s not, and how to realign with what best suits future content production needs.

Sign up for a Content Workflow Refresh Session and get your processes back on track.

Content Structure Analysis

Understanding your unique content (both legacy and new), including types, structures, sources, and targets, provides the basis for how you can rebuild your content business and its strategy. Realizing new content opportunities, or new target markets, is often a valuable outcome of this process.

TFP will evaluate and guide your content structure needs, aligning processes with content objectives.

InDesign Template Services

Technology for Publishing is THE go-to source for industry best-practices template creation for InDesign, and is the top resource that publishers come to. Provide your design requirements, tell us how you prefer to work, and we will construct the InDesign templates that supports that.

We do the work–
you get the InDesign templates you need.

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