PowerHour Consulting Package


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Want instant access to a TFP consultant for some targeted questions? Our PowerHour is an intensive deep-dive discussion where you have the opportunity to describe your current issues and challenges to a TFP senior consultant, who will provide immediate suggestions and guidance to help you move forward. No wait time!

We’ve worked with many publishers—large and small, traditional and corporate. That in-depth industry experience enables us to identify and understand your specific issues, so that we can provide effective suggestions and an immediate action plan.

As a result of your dedicated hour, you can aim to pursue next steps on your own, or consider receiving additional support from our consulting team should you feel that’s required. Additionally, we’ll keep your business problems and requirements in mind and continue to send you suggestions or share knowledge that might fit your situation.

Examples of ways to use a TFP-PowerHour:

  • To discuss publishing workflow challenges and receive some guidance on where to start with improvements.
  • To get some strategic or technical guidance on how to implement a publishing, content or digital asset management technology to get it up and running.
  • To learn how to help an InDesign workgroup work more effectively.
  • To discuss how to best launch a new content initiative.
  • To learn how to do more with your content and figure out where to start, strategically, and/or technically.
  • To sense-check how your publishing operation stacks up against others that we’ve worked with.

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