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DPS Tip: Adobe DPS v32 Update Release v32.4

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v32.4, released Dec. 8, includes the following updates and bug fixes: Background downloading in non-Newsstand apps Folios are downloaded in the background of any non-Newsstand app when a push notification for a new folio is sent ...


DPS Tip: Testing Your App With TestFlight

Without question, testing is crucial once you’ve created an app in Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. With TestFlight, a free app available from the iTunes App Store, a developer can invite internal and external users to test the prerelease version of ...


InDesign CC Tip: Color Theme Tool

Have you tried the new Color Theme tool in the Adobe InDesign CC 2014 October release? Grouped with the Eyedropper and  Measure tools in the toolbar, it allows you to extract colors from selected areas, images, or objects in your InDesign document ...


DPS Tip: Adobe DPS v32 Update Release v32.3

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v32.3, released Nov. 10, includes the following updates and bug fixes for iOS viewers, as listed on Adobe’s DPS Bug Fix Release Notes page: DPS App Builder support for Windows apps The Web-based DPS App Builder now offers Windows ...


DPS Tip: Adobe DPS v32 Update Release v32.2

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v32.2, released Oct. 20, includes the following bug fixes for iOS and Android viewers, as listed on Adobe’s DPS Bug Fix Release Notes page: iOS viewer When multiple MSOs on the same page are set to Auto Play, all of them ...


InDesign Time-Saving Tips

Every project poses new challenges to solve problems while maintaining a level of efficiency. InDesign has a wealth of capabilities. Here are some of my recent favorites: “Photo, Tell Me Your Name”  InDesign’s auto-captioning feature has many uses, none of ...


DPS Tip: DPS Status Page

Are you signed up to receive notices regarding DPS system status? Have you ever visited the DPS System Status page? If not, and you are creating Adobe Digital Publishing Suite apps, you are missing an essential tool that provides important information. The ...


DPS Tips Digest: October 2014

Technology for Publishing shares weekly tips on Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite to help you learn how to make the most of the tool. Here, we’ve gathered our DPS Tip posts from the past quarter so you can easily catch up ...


DPS Tip: Adobe DPS v32 Update Release v32.1

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v32.1, which was released on Sept. 29, includes the following updates: DPS Export for PowerPoint There is now a PowerPoint add-in called DPS Export for PowerPoint that converts Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 presentations to Adobe DPS ...


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