Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite™

DPS Tip: How to Preview on a Device

When creating an app using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, it is important to periodically preview your work, especially when building interactive overlays or after making any layout changes. As soon as a folio is added in the Folio Builder panel, it can ...


DPS Tip: Latest Folios Showcased in Library

The default library for iPad subscription apps has been upgraded in the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v31 release. The new library configuration will prominently display the newest content available for purchase or subscription. The showcase format will include a larger ...


DPS Tip: Scheduled Background Downloads

Enhancements to the push notification features in the DPS Dashboard have added more scheduling and communication capabilities. Prior to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v31 release, background downloads had to be triggered manually with the Notify button in the Folio ...


DPS Tip: Adding an Information Screen

The Version 30 release of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite includes the ability to add Information Screens in iOS viewers, a feature similar to the Welcome Screen introduced in a previous release of DPS. The Information Screen can provide publishers with ...


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