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The New Realities of Global Media

Planning for global expansion is the current hot topic among publishers navigating the modern landscape for content and brands. Using targeted and business-minded approaches, leading media companies are leveraging content resources to address new topics, themes, and delivery channels, realizing today’s ...


Keeping Up With Evolving Content Platforms

If you haven’t tuned in to the increasingly rapid pace of change and competition amongst content platforms, it’s time to catch up. A flurry of recent announcements and changes are providing deeper insight into various approaches and their results. This ...


INFOGRAPHIC: The Science Behind Good Storytelling

Show and tell To better engage audiences, more and more brands are incorporating storytelling into their content strategies, as this week’s infographic from Fast Co. and OneSpot shows. Delving into the science behind why our brains more readily respond to stories over other methods of presenting information, ...


Wrapping Up Content Strategy 2015

Looking at 2015 in review, it’s clear this was a year of dramatic change for publishers. Major shifts occurred not only across publishing platforms but in terms of what we need to deliver to readers and how. Our content strategy ...


INFOGRAPHIC: How to Give Your Content a Quality Checkup

Quality counts. It doesn’t matter how much content you churn out—if it isn’t high quality and relevant to your audience, you’re wasting your time and (often scarce) resources. We discovered an infographic from Express Writers that’s packed with information that can help you ensure a return ...


INFOGRAPHIC: How to Create Engaging Content

Keep calm and write on. The name of the game today is engagement, which means gaining—and holding—the attention of your audience with content that’s useful and well written. To help you achieve that goal, this week we bring you an infographic that highlights the ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Engaging the Enthusiast Crowd

Moving target. What’s a “super-influential consumer,” and what do people in this audience category have in common? According to this week’s infographic pick from TEN, The Enthusiast Network, they’re car-crazy, sports-obsessed, magazine-reading explorers who love to share their opinions about their interests and related products in reviews and ...


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