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Surviving as a Designer in a Digital World

Mobile-first, articlization, effective storytelling, long-form journalism, free vs. paywall, responsiveness and fluidity, device independence, tappable design . . . Is your head spinning yet? Publication designers today are challenged with not only understanding myriad new terms and content delivery approaches, ...


Adobe Launches Digital Publishing Solution

This week Adobe officially announced the next generation of Adobe DPS in the form of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution. Differentiated from the former Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, which was heavily centered around Adobe InDesign for content creation, Adobe Digital Publishing ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Top Benefits of Blogging

Write on. According to a HubSpot report, 81% of digital marketers see blogging as a critical business process and at least 46% of Internet users read blogs at least once a day. Those are some big numbers, highlighting how essential blogging is to successful ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Creating a Culture of Content

Ready, set, write. As this week’s infographic from Bloomfire points out, Bill Gates was spot on with his 1990s “Content Is King” article. Yet in 2015, many organizations are still struggling to find the key to content success. What are they missing? A ...


INFOGRAPHIC: The Online Content Generation Gap

Who’s reading what?  Here’s an infographic jam-packed with facts and figures on how different generations consume digital content, providing a breakdown by baby boomer, millennial, and Generation X users. Based on a survey of 1,200 people, this week’s pick from Fractl and Buzzstream, posted on Social Times, looks ...


TFP’s March Book Picks: Content Governance

Given today’s fast-changing, cross-platform content workflows, it’s not surprising that content governance is a hot topic across the publishing industry lately. But what exactly does content governance mean? Why do you need it? And how do you successfully implement it? Those questions are ...


INFOGRAPHIC: How to Create Strong Visual Content

With 2,460,000 pieces of visual content shared every minute, how do you make yours stand out? This week’s infographic, brought to you by Market Domination Media and HubSpot, provides some helpful pointers, outlining the keys to strong visual content along with the steps to take when creating ...


INFOGRAPHIC: What’s Ahead in Content Marketing

To help you plan for the new year, we’re highlighting an infographic from Curata that offers a roundup of content marketing projections from industry experts, broken down into six categories: measurement, technology, distribution, personalization, content supply chain, and organizational structure. It provides insights on not ...


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