Effective Content Backbone

5 Steps for Incorporating Change Management

Publishers are dealing with extraordinary challenges as they try to shift content business strategies while reshaping the inner behaviors and DNA of their operations to support new goals. Refreshing one’s thinking about change management and how it can best support ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Growing Pains for 'Brand Newsrooms'

Content marketing is quickly evolving, but today’s “brand newsrooms” face some significant challenges in finding the resources they need to produce enough content to engage their audiences. In fact, lack of time is a big problem for 69% of content marketers, with only ...


What Are Other Publishers Doing?

One of the most common questions we get in our consulting work is, “Well, what are other publishers doing?” That question often arises because most of us are busy with the daily tasks of trying to get published content out ...


5 Strategies for Maintaining Content Health

Continuing our series on the Essential Elements of an Effective Content Backbone, let’s talk about how to keep content in good health. What’s “content health”? Well, it’s the glue and process that keep your content workflows, structure, systems, and organization ...


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