DPS Tip: Testing Your App With TestFlight

Without question, testing is crucial once you’ve created an app in Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. With TestFlight, a free app available from the iTunes App Store, a developer can invite internal and external users to test the prerelease version of ...


INFOGRAPHIC: What's New in iOS 8?

This week’s infographic pick from Dot Com Infoway highlights important advances in iOS 8, including some 4,000 new APIs that allow developers to build more engaging iPhone and iPad apps and better customize the user experience. It also looks at Apple’s overhaul of the ...


DPS Tip: Latest Folios Showcased in Library

The default library for iPad subscription apps has been upgraded in the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite v31 release. The new library configuration will prominently display the newest content available for purchase or subscription. The showcase format will include a larger ...


My Top 5 iPad Apps for Designers on the Go

Paper by FiftyThree There are a bazillion drawing apps out there. My Holy Grail wish list includes fast access, intuitive tools, and the ability to capture handwritten notes as well as sketches. Paper by FiftyThree provides all that and casually tosses in a ...


TFP Helps National Geographic Leverage Interactive Design

In 2006, National Geographic tapped Technology for Publishing to help streamline a labor-intensive print production workflow. As a result of that partnership, within one year the magazine had shaved three weeks off its production cycle, cut costs and manual labor by reducing the need for paper-based page proofing, and streamlined processes and collaboration across departments.


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