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INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing at the Speed of Light

Technology has made it possible for digital marketers to send their messages around the globe nearly instantaneously. But for their campaigns to be successful, they need to understand their global audiences and how to navigate the changing landscape. This week’s Infographic ...


INFOGRAPHIC: In a Google Minute

Google’s numbers are mind-boggling: 2.4 million search queries, more than 20 million ad impressions, 1.15 million Play Store app downloads. And that’s in just 60 seconds, according to our Infographic Pick of the Week from Sumocoupon, posted on SocialTimes’ website. ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Who's Stealing Ebooks?

Who’s stealing ebooks, and who is paying? What’s the future for digital rights management, and how does this affect publishers and authors? Those are the questions that examines in this week’s infographic pick. When it looked into the matter ...


What Are Other Publishers Doing?

One of the most common questions we get in our consulting work is, “Well, what are other publishers doing?” That question often arises because most of us are busy with the daily tasks of trying to get published content out ...


Pinterest Roundup: June 2014

Pinterest has become a powerful referral source for many publishers. In order to best leverage the social media tool, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest features, user statistics, and trends, as well as how other publishers are ...


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