media trends

INFOGRAPHIC: Technology's Impact on Learning

Courtesy of the site, this week’s infographic pick provides stats that spell out just how much today’s students rely on technology for learning, whether they’re taking notes on a laptop or using electronic textbooks. Recent reports about a decline ...


INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Content Marketing

This infographic on content marketing that digital marketing journal Leaderswest recently shared caught our eye. Based on data from Oracle Eloqua’s State of Content Marketing 2014 Survey Report, this infographic offers a snapshot of how businesses are approaching content marketing to attract ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Why Upworthy Has Won the Internet

Marketing automation software firm Marketo created an infographic aimed at helping the rest of us learn from viral content site Upworthy’s success. Though Upworthy’s attention-grabbing headlines certainly have something to do with it, Marketo offers this important reminder as well: ...


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