INFOGRAPHIC: What's New in iOS 8?

This week’s infographic pick from Dot Com Infoway highlights important advances in iOS 8, including some 4,000 new APIs that allow developers to build more engaging iPhone and iPad apps and better customize the user experience. It also looks at Apple’s overhaul of the ...


INFOGRAPHIC: The Evolution of Storytelling

This week’s infographic pick from Carabiner Communications, posted on MarketProfs‘ website, takes a nostalgic look at how storytelling has changed over the past 10 years. And what a decade it’s been! From blogs to wearable technology, the ways in which we communicate have evolved dramatically, and for better or worse, ...


INFOGRAPHIC: What Are People Reading?

To celebrate its first year in business, ebook subscription service Scribd put together a fun infographic that explores what people are reading. It found that mind, body, and spirit and business titles are big in the nonfiction world, but many readers don’t finish ...


INFOGRAPHIC: Smartphone Revolution

Consumers are increasingly using smartphones to make online purchases, and publishers like Domino and Rodale are getting in on the action by launching virtual retail stores that bring in additional revenue. This week’s infographic pick takes a look at smartphone ...


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